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Department of Water Supply County of Hawaii

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Water Quality Reports | Water Use & Development Plan Update August 2010

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Water Use and Development Plan Update


Addendum (PDF)

Title and Table of Contents (PDF)

Executive Summary (PDF)

Chapter 1-Introduction (PDF)

Chapter 2-Technical Approach (PDF)

Chapter 3-Sector Reports (PDF)

801-Kohala Aquifer (PDF)

802-East Mauna Kea Aquifer (PDF)

803-West Mauna Kea Aquifer (PDF)

804-Northeast Mauna Loa Aquifer (PDF)

805-Southeast Mauna Loa Aquifer (PDF)

806-Southwest Mauna Loa Aquifer (PDF)

807-Northwest Mauna Loa Aquifer (PDF)

808-Kīlauea Aquifer (PDF)

809-Hualālai Aquifer (PDF)

Chapter 4-Summary of Conclusions and General Recommendations (PDF)

References (PDF)


Appendix A (PDF)

Appendix B (PDF)

Appendix C (PDF)