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Department of Water Supply County of Hawaii

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The focus of the Department of Water Supply's Islandwide Conservation Program is to provide our customers with the tools, ideas and programs to sucessfully conserve and use water wisely.  Water is our most precious resource and should not be wasted.

Ways to Conserve Water
  • Community Engagement – For school or community group presentations, or to obtain these publications below, please contact our Information and Education Specialist at .

             Conserve Water Booklet Cover   Discover Ground Water and Springs Booklet   Water Every Drop Counts Booklet   Water Wonderful Booklet
  • Rain Barrel Water Catchment – A rain barrel system will allow you to capture rainwater from your roof gutter and downspout system and then use it for your landscape irrigation instead of DWS's potable drinking water. The benefit is a reduced demand on the fresh water resource, the water supply infrastructure, and electricity; as well as a lower water bill. For more information regarding rain barrel water catchment, please contact
  • Landscaping – When considering your landscaping needs, consider using landscaping that requires the minimum amount of maintenance and/or irrigation water. This concept is commonly known as xeriscaping. Consider landscaping that is appropriate for the region you are in. Drier and arid regions of Hawaiʻi Island, should consider landscaping that is drought, wind, and salt-air tolerant. Native Hawaiian plants have shown to be appropriate for these types of environments. For more information regarding xeriscaping please contact

          Native Drought Tolerant Plants Hawaii Island   

Additional resources:

State of Hawaiʻi Division of Forestry and Wildlife –
  • Low Flow Fixtures – Sink faucets, shower heads, toilets and other water fixtures that use less water volume per minute are called low-flow water fixtures. For more information regarding low-flow fixtures, contact .
Additional resources:
US Environmental Protection Agency – WaterSense –
US Department of Energy – Energy Saver –
  • Leak Detection – Leaks can be costly and wasteful, therefore it's a good idea to check your property or plumbing for leaks at least once per month or whenever you suspect a leak exists. To check for leaks in your household, turn off all your water using fixtures (faucets, pipes, etc.) so that no water is running. Locate and open your water meter cover to check if the dial is moving. If your meter dial is moving, you most likely have a leak. For information regarding leak detection, leak adjustments or related inquiries, please contact our Customer Service Branch at or 808-961-8060