1. Account Number. This is the identification number for your account. It identifies you and your property address in our customer billing system. Please use this number whenever you contact us with questions about your account.

2. Due Date. Your payment should be received in our office by this date. All bills are due within 30 days from the bill date. Water service may be discontinued for lack of payment. Effective September 1, 2001, any bill not paid by the due date will be subject to late payment penalties. We are not responsible for any payment which may be in transit on the due date.

3. Amount Due. Please pay this amount. It includes the amount of your current bill and any unpaid amounts from previous bills.

4. Service Address. This identifies the property served by our water meter.

5. Amount Enclosed. Indicate the amount paid in this space and return this top portion of the bill with your payment. Please write your account number on your check.

6. Account Holders Name.

7. Read Dates. These are the dates on which your assigned meter was read and represents the billing period for current charges.

8. Meter Readings. These are the meter readings taken at the service address and used to compute usage.

9. Usage. This shows gallons of water consumed (in thousands) during the billing period.

10. Balance Forward. Previous Balance shows the total amount due from your previous bill. Payment shows any payment received since the previous bill.

11. Current Charges. Standby charge is the minimum monthly service charge. Consumption Charge is the cost of water service based on the water use during the billing period. Power Cost is the power related costs based on water use during the billing period.

12. Billing Summary. This summarizes balances, payments, adjustments, charges and the amount due for your account.

13. Daily Average Use. Shows your daily average use in gallons during each of the past 13 billing periods.

14. Bill Date. Your bill was printed on this date and is the date used to compute due dates and delinquency.

15. Messages. We will use this area to print important customer messages.