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Department of Water Supply County of Hawaii

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Engineering and Construction

I. CIP Projects - status reports (PDF)

II. Water System Standards (PDF) (HTM)

Amendment No. 1, Effective September 12, 2003 (PDF) (HTM)

Amendment No. 2, Effective February 20, 2004 (PDF) (HTM)

Amendment No. 3, Effective August 8, 2005 (PDF) (HTM)

Amendment No. 4, Effective November 30, 2006 (PDF) (HTM)

Amendment No. 5, Effective February 19, 2013 (PDF) (HTM)

Amendment No. 6, Effective November 14, 2013 (PDF) (HTM)

Amendment No. 7, Effective December 16, 2013 (PDF) (HTM)

Amendment No. 8, Effective May 20

Amendment - "Any amendment(s) to the Water System Standards on this web-site is posted for the Department of Water Supply, County of Hawaii only. For all other amendments, viewers should check with each respective Department as they are unique."

III. General Requirements and Covenants (PDF)